Tree Service for Solano County, CA

Trees provide many economic and amenity values in our increasingly urbanized communities. Trees also conflict with our city structures and utilities above and below ground. Neglected, dead or structurally unsound trees can also damage property and injure people. On the other hand, people create problems for trees; we cut their roots and branches improperly, over and under irrigate them and plant them where they cannot thrive.

We offer Solano County, Davis, and the surrounding areas a full range of tree services performed by licensed experts using top-quality equipment. Our professional services include:

Fine Pruning

The arborists at Solano Shade Tree specialize in pruning practices that encourage trees' natural healing processes and enhance their beauty.

Tree Hazard Solutions

Cabling and bracing services combined with pruning can reduce the likelihood of branch failures of valuable mature trees.

Soil and Root Care

Urban soils are often compacted and lacking in nutrients. Our fertilization and aeration services can restore soils and invigorate trees.

Plant Health Care

Most tree pest and disease problems can be prevented by simple treatments to improve the tree's health. Trees in good health can defend themselves from pests. In those cases where the pest or disease requires additional controls, we will utilize integrated management techniques which require the least toxic and most targeted treatments currently available.


Our Certified Arborists can provide tree inventory and evaluation reports for pre-development planning, assess potentially hazardous trees and diagnose most tree and shrub disorders.

Precision Tree Removal

When trees have died or outgrown the space in which they grow, we can remove them with the absolute minimum impact on the surrounding landscape and structures.


For Solano and Yolo County's premier tree service, look no further than the tree experts at Solano Shade. To learn more about any of our certified professional tree services in Davis, please contact Solano Shade today!